My Board Display

My Proposed Board Display



Board Title:  Tutorial Class

Rationale (Purpose):

  • To enhance the abilities of the learners in solving mathematical problems.


  1. To encourage the students to join in tutorials class.
  2. To develop the abilities in solving mathematical problems.
  3. To help students apply the learning’s gained in tutorial classes.

Best feature of my Proposed bulletin enhancement:

  •  Announcement
  •  Updates
  •  Activities
  •  Events

Content Resources (Name each needed resource and give each a brief description):

  • Books/ Mathematics Textbooks

ü  It is helpful and useful in tutorial class because it includes different lesson to be tackle. Also present accurate facts and details regarding the lessons.

  • Handouts

ü  It is commonly use to serve as a guide in answering and explaining ideas or concepts.

  • Questionnaires

ü  It helps the members of the institution to practice and develop their ability in problem solving.

Materials for aesthetic enhancement:

  • Wallpapers, cartolina, illustration board, cardboard, and other aesthetic materials which are useful in designing.



Based on your suggestions, make your own board display lay-out. You may present your output through any of these:

  • A hand-made drawing or layout
  • An electronic (computer) drawing/illustration or layout
  • A collage



My Board Display Layout



1. Name at least 5 skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up with effective board displays. Elaborate on why each skill is needed.


  1. Imaginative: that the board displays should be presented in a unique way, in which students can find it having a great impact.
  2. Creative: that board display should be attractive and beautiful.
  3. Resourceful: teacher may use the existing materials that can be recycle and useful in making designs.
  4. Good Grammar & Communication skill: that teacher should have a good grammar & communication skills, especially in the making of bulletin boards that enables students understand the ideas posted.
  5. Organization skill: that the arrangement of the designs is organize, that it should be attractive and well pleasant to the thousand eyes.


  • It’s really important that teacher should have good skills in doing or creating a board displays. For us, the above mentioned skills are helpful for the teacher to come up with effective board displays. As a future educator, we should be skillful in creating a board display and must have those different skills mentioned above.



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